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Its not thin at all. Once you define the curls and you let them air dry, this lace wigs uk is big. It comes with long babyhairs that you can cut to your liking. The brazilian hair uk is very soft and the pattern is like wet n wavy but when its air dried its like a baby doll wand curl look. Its too cute, and great for summer. I will be purchasing again soon. I was nervous about buying human hair wigs uk on here but it arrived in just a couple of days and comes with a travel size spray bottle with eyelashes. Also the hair omg soooo soft but it do have a little odor to it not that bad human hair extensions spray or shampoo can't fix. The descriptions of this hair was on point I didn't have to bleached the knots but I will still be cutting the baby hairs just for my preference. Overall must buy human hair uk on a budget. F.Y.I for those who has a small head like me the cap is avgerage so get a band to make it more fit to your head.